Holding facility issue tabled until next meeting...again

By Taylor Risse

The ongoing issue of the Martin City Police Department using Bennett County’s holding facility was again on the agenda of the Bennett County Commissioner’s December 18, meeting. There was quite a bit of public in attendance to hear the commissioners decide to table the issue until the January 8, meeting.

Kevin Rascher was at the meeting representing the City of Martin’s law board. Rascher informed the board that at the last city council meeting, the council approved the joint powers agreement.

The agreement has been revised recently based off of requests from the commissioners and City Attorney Sara Frankenstein.

There was discussion regarding whether the Attorney General will look at the agreement before or after it is signed.

Kraft stated he was uncomfortable with the agreement unless the Attorney General looks at it and approves it first.

Jay Yohner was in attendance and asked what Sheriff Paul Williams thinks of the agreement. 

Williams said he hasn’t received the new contract. He went on to say that he had a meeting with some of the commissioners recently and, “It will probably happen, but not overnight.” He went on to say he’s going to check with another attorney on liability for the county and sheriff’s office.

Commissioner Rod Kirk reminded Williams that State’s Attorney Sarah Harris is the county attorney and she says the agreement is good. “I trust her. Get it signed and get this ball moving.”

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