Commissioners hold productive meeting

Hahn Construction awarded Cody Road bid

By Taylor Risse

A regular meeting of the Bennett County board of Commissioners was held on Wednesday, January 22. 

The meeting began with the three commissioners present, Jeff Slattery, Judd Schomp and Rod Kirk, entering executive session with Sheriff Paul Williams and Deputy Jason Irwin for personnel matters.

After executive session, bids were opened for the building of the Cody Road (earlier known as the Cody Road). 

There were four bids received for the project:

Peltz Construction, Inc., $733,356.29

Young Gun Construction, $363,095

Hahn Construction, $298,357.92

Dakota Contractors, $401,163.33

The motion was made and approved to hire Hahn Construction for the building of the Cody Road.

In other highway business, discussion was held again about Highway Superintendent, Terry Smokov, getting a bidding number for Purple Wave and Big Iron. To follow state law, as long as the county requests bids for an item, they can purchase it through Purple Wave or Big Iron.

Smokov brought to the board that there is a used Walk-N-Roll, from Montana that is $6,700. There will be two more available soon. The Walk-N-Roll fits on anything with a rear mount.

Discussion was held about the mail road south of Wayne Heath’s. Smokov updated the board that the 811 call is done and the phone line runs down the middle of the road. Issues were discussed with putting a culvert in and the phone lines in the road.

Smokov said they should be fine to begin work, but he wanted to wait for the 811 call.

Slattery told Smokov to get started before it starts to thaw because once that happens, it won’t be able to be worked on.

Smokov told the board the crew is currently working on one of the 143H CAT blades.

During the public portion of the meeting, Larry Heath brought up concern regarding closing some of the roads with the “No Maintenance” list the commissioners presented. Heath explained that even though the roads don’t have people living down them, they’re used a lot for fires and other utilities. Heath explained that to him, no maintenance means the road is closing because it won’t be worked on.

Kirk read what a no maintenance road is, “A no maintenance highway designated under 31-12-48 is a any highway that shall remain open to public access but over which the board of County Commissioners has no responsibility for maintenance or improvement except provided under 31-12-48, which is removal of a man made object.”

Kirk agreed that the board shouldn’t designate “no maintenance” roads. The roads should be marked by priority, for order to be worked and maintained.

No decision could be made because the Public Notice stated the hearing will be February 5.

The next meeting will be February 5, at 9:30 a.m.

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