Counterfeit $20 bills passed in Martin

By Marj Frew

Two counterfeit twenty dollar bills were discovered at Security First Bank in Martin on Friday, January 31. The bills had been taken in by local businesses.

After collecting the bills from the bank, Assistant Police Chief Tom Chester remarked, “We’ve seen this in the past, with for example, hundred dollar bills, five dollar bills. It’s just a matter of tracking down who is using them at the businesses. People are going to continue to use them in this area, as well as outside of the area. 

They are being distributed somewhere close by, if not Rapid City. They just recently caught somebody that was distributing these bills in this area of the midwest. It’s a matter of tracking them down. With two bills being passed at businesses today, there will definitely be more out there.

Whether it’s private parties, or other businesses outside the area, it’s going to be a matter of looking at the video and lining up the dots on who is at the stores at the same time.”

The incident is under investigation.

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