BCHS Principal Nick Redden named Region 6 Principal of the Year

By Marj Frew

The South Dakota Association of Secondary School Principals has named Bennett County High School’s Nick Redden as Region 6 High School Principal of the Year.

Redden and his wife, Kari, came to Martin at the beginning of the school year of 2015-16, having been in Belle Fourche prior to that time.

Redden paused thoughtfully before answering how he came to be chosen by his peers. “I have an amazing staff. Anytime that you have a staff that does as much as them for kids, and as much for each other, it definitely helps me out on a daily basis.

“One of the biggest things is teamwork. I think we work very well together. The other thing is, family comes first. We cover each other’s classes within the building. It really is about teamwork.

“To get an award like this, there’s no way you could look anywhere else but first at your staff. The administration works so well together. We’re a great team. 

“We’ve got 160 great kids in this high school. There hasn’t been a day when I wished I was doing something else. That’s from the first day I started teaching, to today. Everyone has those rough days, but not once have I walked in the building and thought, ‘I really wish I was home today.’ It makes it pretty simple when you have those three things.

“The person that you can never leave out is my wife, and my son and his family. She is the number one support person in my life. She is there for literally everything.

“It’s an honor. When I look through the list, it includes many great principals. I’m not much for awards, but I feel lucky. I’m thankful to have my kids, my weight room, my basketball team. I go home to my wife and my dogs, and I’m good with that.”

According to the South Dakota Association, Redden was nominated by his peers in his region for this honor because of his leadership which is evident not only in his district, but throughout his region and across the state. Nick will receive his formal award during the awards banquet held at the State Principal’s Conference on Thursday, April 2, at Arrowwood Cedar Shores Resort in Oacoma.

Along with his wife, their family includes a son, Wyatt Pearson and his fiancee and children, of Sundance, Wyoming.

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