Youthworks ready to tackle summer projects

By Marj Oleske

At this time of year, most kids are in a hurry to be out of school. However, four college students have been busy moving into Bennett County High School, which will be their home for the summer.

The leaders of YouthWorks have transformed classrooms into dorm rooms, having arrived last Sunday for their annual time spent working in the Martin area.

Site Director Erin Huenink is a Concordia University, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “Super Senior.” She is in her fifth year of college, where she is studying Secondary Education and English. She is from Hingham, Wisconsin, and has previous experience as a YouthWorks volunteer while in high school. She also has worked at a children’s camp as an overnight counselor.

Heading up the Kids Club activities is Katie Kober, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Katie is a senior at Michigan State in Lansing, studying Elementary Education. Katie also worked with YouthWorks last year.

Josh Giese, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, joins the leadership team with two years’ experience working with YouthWorks. Josh is a junior at the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point, studying Social Work. 

A sophomore at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiania, Josiah Shafer joins the group from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has also worked with YouthWorks in the past, with this being his first year as a leader. His future plans include missionary work.

The first group of volunteer workers will arrive in Martin on June 16. The local coordinator for YouthWorks is Norm Drobny.

Pictured from left, Josh Giese, Josiah Shafer, Erin Huenink and Katie Kober.

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