Bennett County Community Spirit Week

To celebrate the original scheduled graduation date of May 16th, a Spirit Week has been developed that is asking all community members to participate in. There will be a dress-up contest during the spirit week. Participants are encouraged to take a photo and submit it to by 3:00 each day, Monday through Friday. A winner will be posted on the Bennett County School Website, and a prize awarded. 

Monday, May 11: “I Miss Sports Monday” (Wear sports attire)

Tuesday, May 12: “Tourist Tuesday” (Dress up like a tourist)

Wednesday, May 13: “Workout Wednesday” (Wear your workout clothes)

Thursday, May 14: “Thankful Thursday” (Take a pic with what you are thankful for!) OR “Throwback Thursday” (Take a picture of you dressed as a different era)

Friday, May 15: “Forever Warriors Friday” (Wear your Purple and Gold!) 8:20-ish (2020) Police escort as seniors lead “Be the Light” parade past lit football field. Community follows. “Honk applause” for our seniors. Go home safely.

Saturday, May 16: Support Seniors Saturday (students wear your Build a Warrior shirt) (community: more purple and gold)

2020 Wave Parade

Saturday, May 16 • 11 a.m.

**The senior banners will be hung up along Main Street 

10:45 seniors line up at designated spots (near their own banner (maintaining social distancing) wearing caps and gowns 

11:00 family and community cruise down Main to wave and honk “applause” at seniors. 

We ask the public and families to please stay off the sidewalks for social distancing. Only assigned staff should be on the sidewalks.

Check out the BC School website for a dedication to our senior class!

Please follow some simple measures to stay safe when cruising Main Street:

1. Ride with family members only and honk loudly.

2. Stay in your vehicles–except your hands to wave!

3. Drive slowly and watch the distance between vehicles.

4. Do not gather vehicles in parking lots and get out to visit.

5. If you are sick, stay home!

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •