City receives Wellmark Foundation grant

On Tuesday, August 11, the City of Martin received notification from Gina Rooney, Foundation Manager for The Wellmark Foundation that they have been approved for the $25,000 small MATCH grant request they had applied for. The grant money, requested for the purpose of revitalizing the Martin basketball court in the city park, was commended by Rooney. She stated in the letter, “We commend you for your commitment to the health of your community and the individuals that will benefit from this great project.” 

As outlined in The Wellmark Foundation’s 2020 Matching Assets to Community Health Request for Proposal, this grant amount must be matched on a two-to-one basis. In order for the City to receive the grant, The Wellmark Foundation needs verification that the required match amount of $12,500 is submitted to them by November 6, 2020. Fifty percent of the city’s required match can be in-kind gifts and services and the remaining 50 percent must be cash. Once the city has secured their required match, a certification of match form must be submitted to Wellmark. 

Within the next few weeks, a grant agreement that will clarify the expectations of the award will be sent to the city. Once Wellmark receives a signed copy of the agreement and the completed certification of match form, The Foundation will provide the $25,000 payment. The city has until December 31, 2021 to complete the project and spend the grant funds.

Rooney further stated that Wellmark is delighted about the work that is being done in S.D. to create an environment which encourages better health and wellness for all. They are also looking forward to realizing the impact this project will have on generations to come.

Tentative proposed renovations include re-sloping the court to provide for adequate water run-off, resurfacing the entire area, and adding lines on half the court for pickle ball. 

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