Unofficial General Election results

The much anticipated General Election of 2020 is somewhat in the books, with voting completed but not all counted statewide and nationwide as of Wednesday morning.

Voter turnout was large, setting records nationwide. In Bennett County, 64.77 percent of registered voters cast ballots. Across the state voter turnout was at just under 90 percent, but that number could go up or down as not all precincts have reported in the state. Nationwide, more than 100 million people voted early, smashing records and the total vote will break all records with the numbers not yet known. 

Considering the nation is in the midst of a pandemic, this makes the number of voters even more impressive.

It looks like President Trump is set to be re-elected in a tightly contested election, but that is still up in the air with many votes not counted in some key states, where Trump was leading as of Wednesday morning.

Three big questions on the ballot passed statewide; Amendment A that legalized marijuana use, Amendment B, legalizing sports wagering in Deadwood, and Initiated Measure 26, legalizing marijuana for medical use. South Dakota became the first state to pass legalizing marijuana use for both medical use and recreational use. Statewide results are only at 90 percent as of 11/4 in the morning. Local results have all precincts reporting.

Local and Statewide results:

Bennett County Commission, two seats available:

Kyle Harris 631

David Bakley 576

Anthony Waters 311

Keeley Clausen 272

Lavern Butch Ceplecha 266

Bennett County Auditor:

Angela Hicks 837

Ami Jo Allen 329

Bennett County Treasurer:

Jolene Donovan 934

Kelli Ceplecha 216

State Senator Dist. 27: 

Red Dawn Foster 3,829

Judd W Schomp 2,978

State Representative Dist. 27, two positions:

Liz May 3,320

Peri Pourier 3,234

Ernest Weston Jr 2,480

U.S. President:

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence 261,043

Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris 150,471

Jorgensen and Cohen 11,095

U.S. Senator: Statewide:

Mike Rounds 276,232

Dan Ahlers 143,987

U.S. Representative: Statewide

Dusty Johnson 321,984 

Randy “Uriah” Luallin 75,748

For Public Utilities Commissioner: 

Gary Hanson 272,378

Remi W.B. Bald Eagle 107,494

Devin Saxon 20,622

Initiated Measure 26:

Title - An initiated measure on legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Yes 291,754

No 125,488

Constitutional Amendment A

Title - An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana; and to require the Legislature to pass laws regarding hemp as well as laws ensuring access to marijuana for medical use:

Yes 225,260

No 190,477

Constitutional Amendment B

Title - An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution authorizing the Legislature to allow sports wagering in Deadwood:

Yes 239,620

No 170,191

For complete results by county and statewide, go to the web at:

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