Martin City Council making headway toward securing Code Enforcement Officer

By Deb Hendrickson

At last Wednesday’s Martin City Council meeting, Joel Johnson of Code Enforcement Specialists, LLC out of Burke, S.D., was unanimously voted in as the City of Martin’s Code Enforcement Officer.

City Attorney Sara Frankenstein stated the changes to the Building Code Ordinance which were discussed at the December meeting had been made. The revised Ordinance along with a draft of a contract were sent to Johnson for him to review and offer any pertinent suggestions if changes were required. She went on to say the contract specifies Johnson will work on an hourly basis and allows for a 90-day notice of renewal at the end of one year. Motions were made and passed as follows:

– setting an $8,000 maximum payment limit for 2021 for the Code Enforcement Officer;

– not to allow mobile homes older than 20 years to be moved into the city limits;

– to order the edition of the International Building Code books as required by state law.

The first reading of the Building Code Ordinance is tentatively planned for the February meeting. 

Discussion was held pertaining to the Junk Vehicle Ordinance. Mayor Rayhill performed the first reading of the Ordinance and a motion was made and passed to accept it as read.

Damage being caused to a curb at the intersection of School Street and the alley adjacent to Mike Olson’s property came under discussion. Fuel tankers pulling a pup, unloading at the Coop Bulk Plant are unable to maneuver the corner causing the damage, also creating a sink hole. The problem has been on-going for several years and all efforts to remedy it have proven unsuccessful. The council opted to send letters to Yesway Corp., the delivery company and the manager at Yesway asking delivery trucks to avoid pulling pups.

Robbie and Antonia Kiefer were present at the meeting. KLJ out of Rapid City marked numerous trees with orange flagging, indicating full removal at the Kiefer’s property. Other trees were marked with pink flagging identifying those that will need to be trimmed to be in compliance. Council members and City Foreman Paul Noel met with the Kiefers to come up with a workable solution for everyone. Councilman Kevin Rascher made a motion to remove the trees and stumps, fill the holes, replace the trees with new ones to fill the gaps, hire a contractor to trim the trees over the height limitation, erect an 8’ x 180’ privacy fence going east to west and to install a water hydrant not connected to the meter for hydration. Councilwoman Gloria Claussen seconded and the motion carried. There was a motion made and passed to leave the airport approach at 20:1 for the time being instead of changing it to 30:1 which was previously discussed.

Commissioner Jeff Slattery attended the meeting to ask permission to dispose the debris from the courthouse roof at the city dump. Replacement of the roof is tentatively being planned for this summer and the debris would consist of styrofoam, tarpaper and fiberboard. Noel said that would be fine.

Joyce Wilson asked the council if a building permit would be required to replace the split rail fence at the Heritage Center. Since a new fence will replace the existing fence, she was advised that no permit would be necessary.

Councilwoman Claussen asked about street signs around the city as several are either missing or badly damaged. Mayor Rayhill asked to have someone check on ordering some new signs for streets presently without signage.

Chief Brandon Petersen reported the police log for December. There were 76 calls for service, 157 total events logged with Winner dispatch, 13 misdemeanors, and 15 arrests. He stated that the new Durango was here and is fully equipped with the exception of adding markings to indicate it is a patrol vehicle. Chief Petersen had gotten a quote to add the markings in the amount of $791.33. Councilman Rascher stated that the OST Department had recently purchased their own plotter so they can print their own vehicle decals. A motion was made and passed to have Chief Petersen and OST Officer Rascher get together to get the decals printed. Chief Petersen was also given permission to check into finding another patrol vehicle to replace the one that was recently totalled.

Vacation hours were approved to be changed back from the current 180 hour limit to a maximum of 240 hours a year that can be carried over from year to year.

The membership roster for 27 volunteers and three explorers were approved for purposes of workman’s comp.

Pawn licenses amounting to a $10.00 fee for Chet’s Place and Broken Boot were approved.

A 3% employee cost of living raise for 2021 was approved.

A building permit was approved.

Past due water bills were approved to be handled as usual. 

The minutes from the regular December 9 meeting along with the special meetings held on November 18 and December 17 were also approved.

The $1,163.00 lagoon payment, quarterly loader payment of $5,310.65, quarterly water project payment of $4,502.16 and quarterly water tower payment of $10,866.09 were approved for payment.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for February 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the community room.

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