Student Council at Bennett Co. High School

By Marj Oleske

Student council representatives and class officers for Bennett County Junior and Senior High have been elected.

Taking posts are Shae Soderlin, Student Council President; Tania Risse, Student Council Vice President; Jacob Waln, Student Council Secretary; Sabrina Fanning, Student Council Treasurer.

Senior Class: Kalee Kratovil, Representative; Kyler Rayhill, Representative; Annie Johnson, Secretary; Natasha Kaltenbach, Treasurer.

Junior Class: Taylor Kratovil, President; Brandi McPherson, Vice President; Tamee Livermont, Secretary; Shiann Allen, Treasurer; Jolee Risse, Representative; Lindsay Johnson, Representative.

Sophomore Class: Alex Rous, President; Sam Ireland, Vice President; Autumn Kamerzell, Secretary; Cody Rose, Treasurer; Keith Hodson, Representative; Todd Vander May, Representative.

Freshman Class: Miranda Orth, President; Lattrel Terkildsen, Vice President; Colton Gotheridge, Secretary/Treasurer; Chandler Bakley, Representative; Tate Petrak, Representative.

Eighth Grade: Amber Siers, President and Representative; Shane Boomer, Vice President; Courtney McDonnell, Secretary.

Seventh Grade: Dean Laverack, President; Shawn Marrs, Vice President; Mariah Cross, Secretary; Seth Livermont, Treasurer; Garrett Hodson, Representative; Daniel Winsand, Representative.

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