Bennett County Commissioners' March 17 meeting moved to March 24

By Taylor Risse

A short meeting was held by the Bennett County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday, March 3, with all five commissioners present.

Due to the newly elected official’s conference the March 17 board meeting will be moved to March 24.

The February 17 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Executive session was entered to discuss personnel with the commissioners and auditor Angie Hicks.

Commissioner Judd Schomp opposed going into executive session.

Once regular session commenced, Commissioner Blu Donovan asked about the status of the May gravel pit.

It was explained that there is 35,000 ton of gravel and it is sandy and was over crushed. 

Commissioner Jeff Slattery suggested mixing the gravel with something else and trying it on a road.

It was agreed upon that it should be tried on a short stretch of road in the western part of the county to see how it holds up.

Schomp suggested it would be cheaper to hire Bud May to load and haul it so the county doesn’t have to take a loader all that way.

The board talked about the various pits where the county has gravel.

County Treasurer Jolene Donovan offered there is approximately 15,000 ton at the Ferguson Pit and 18,000 ton at the Whipple Pit. The Whipple Pit gravel will be used on the Tuthill road project.

Discussion was held regarding the Veldon Thayer pit.

Reclaiming Larry Heath’s gravel pit was talked about.

Schomp stated he had issues with reclaiming it since Heath said they could use dirt that was there and they didn’t use any material out of the pit.

Commissioner Rod Kirk reminded that it was agreed upon to reclaim the pit when they were finished.

Schomp added that the county paid Heath and it hadn’t been discussed.

Kirk ended the conversation with the statement that it needed to be reclaimed.

Gravel and gravel hauling bid sheets were presented to the board.

Commissioner Dave Bakley said it had been compiled so every January the county can send it out and approve all the bids received so when there is a small job that needs done, they can just pick one of the already received bids and get the job done.

Auditor Hicks will send out the sheets to anyone that has a pit the county uses and anyone else that is interested can contact Hicks for a copy.

The notice will also run in the Bennett County Booster.

The bid sheets were approved and are due back by the April 21 meeting.

During public comment Assessor Jeff Siscoe notified the board that he needs one commissioner to go with him on an ag land appeal. Donovan volunteered to go.

Schomp asked Hicks to put Steve Livermont on the next meeting’s agenda to be approved for culvert work this summer.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be March 24, at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s room.

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