There's music in the air, with more to come

Approximately 40 people were in attendance at the live performance of the 8-12 grade Spring Concert held at the Activity Center last Thursday evening. The program was also livestreamed online.

Under the direction of Jill Bolzer, 5-12 Vocal and Instrumental Music Instructor, the choir started off the evening performing five very diverse, energizing, positive pieces.

“Riversong, A Celtic Celebration,” “Don’t Give Up on Me,” “Proud,” “Be a Light,” and “Why We Sing.” The last two pieces were accompanied by Elementary Music Director Anne Lyon. 

According to Bolzer the song “Why We Sing,” by Greg Gilpin was written as an uplifting piece that brings people’s lives together that have been torn apart. The song’s lyrics, “A sound of hope, a sound of peace, a sound that celebrates and speaks what we believe . . . this is why we sing, why we lift our voice,” are a few of the powerful words in the ballad.

Choir members this year are: Alison Novotny, Honey Reddy, Krin Frost-Cottier, Abby Christensen and Lance Cottier.

This year’s band consists of 14-members who performed a mixed variety of pieces. Starting off the second part of the program, the band’s first selection was a fine and simple jazz piece with lots of percussion entitled “Nothin’ But the Blues.”

The song “A Whole New World,” from the Aladdin movie, and a well-executed, challenging authentic Native American War Dance piece entitled “Tribal War Chant,” were next on the program.

“Hand Clap,” the Pep Band song of the year was perfectly performed, without any direction from Bolzer and made for a wonderful finale.

Band members this year include: Grace Jager, flute; Honey Reddy, clarinet; Ellen McDonnell, Leona Dubray, Krin Frost-Cottier, alto saxophone; Angela Clifford, Abby Christensen, Taela Takes War Bonnett, trumpet; Sophia May, trumpet and baritone; Wyatt Huber, trombone; Aaryn Farley, Tegyn Kolb, Alison Novotny, Gavin Risse, percussion.

Bolzer is hopeful that the new music room the band and choir will be moving into in the fall will provide some increased interest in the program.

Watch for more upcoming concert events during March and April.

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