BC Sheriff’s Office to call attention to SCAM calls

By Cody Rose

The Bennett County Sheriff’s Office is calling attention to a recent scam call that a community member reported to them. It was from a scammer claiming to be a deputy at the local Sheriff’s Office and the caller ID even said it was coming from there.

Some of the information this scammer was trying to collect was the individual’s address, birthdate and social security number.

They were threatening the individual by claiming they owed money to the IRS and the FBI will be looking for them. The scammer lied and said the Sheriff’s Office was closed due to COVID-19. The Bennett County Sheriff’s Office and Martin Police Department are open.

Deputy Curtis and Sheriff Williams advises the public, if you get a call from somebody claiming to be from the Bennett County Sheriff’s Office asking for personal information, please hang up and call them at (605) 685-6516.

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 • booster@gwtc.net