The Transcendence of Brotherhood

By: Tim Wardell

On September 3, 13 Naz Moto riders, led by Brady Smith of Adairsville, GA, made its annual 1700 plus mile track to Allen SD in search of ties that bind. On Monday, September 5, the club met up with the Oglala Drifters, led by Doug Johnson, as well as riders from the Sicangu Drifters, to ride to Chamberlain SD to visit the Dignity statue. For the past two years these two clubs have met up to ride, share war stories, and build what has become a powerful brotherhood of motorcycle enthusiast. Johnson says” Our club motto is “Our dream reflects change”. We all live the same dream when we ride. The group of riders that joined us proves that no matter where we live on unci maka the Great Spirit always brings us together as a brotherhood and blesses us with a great ride.” Many people see a group of bikers and immediately assume that they are up to no good, but not so with these two clubs (as well as so many others). Both  are driven to serve their respective communities, as well as each others. The Drifters are notoriously known for benefit rides to support; suicide awareness, missing and endangered women and children, feeding the homeless, just to mention a few. 

Back in Georgia, The naz Moto group serves the homeless as well as other service oriented projects 

They take their scheduled vacations  and time away from family to visit us here and help others  any way that they possibly can. While they are here, they hold a cornhole tournament with the Drifters and enjoy a steak dinner together. The camaraderie between these two groups is both fun and encouraging to watch as it unfolds. Smith says “On a group ride like this we show the world that it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your story is, or what the make and model of your bike is,  skin color and different world views do not have to be divisive.”

True brotherhood transcends cultural, racial, tribal, and language barriers. In this day and age of racial tension and civil unrest, it is refreshing to see these men and women straddle their iron horses and come together to build true and lasting friendships. 

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