School concert and showcase shines

By Jonni Joyce

The students of Bennett County High School and Middle School put on a show of epic proportions Tuesday night, a credit to the students and the staff of the Bennett County School District who made this happen. Attendees entering the Warrior Center weaved their way through the lobby area viewing student work displayed from various classes while being entertained by a music quartet. Refreshments and seating were available. The showcase included individual pieces of art created in Mr. Stephen Glass’s art class that were displayed on music stands.

The FFA students had a table display that included FFA themed material including rolling cubes, a board game, Natural Resources Wanted posters made by the Intro to AFNR middle school class, a garden poster, FFA creed poster, and list of the 2023 officers.

A table display from the Nutrition and Wellness class given by Andrea Fanning showed a 100 percent pass rate for the students who completed the nationally recognized ServSafe Food Handler course and earning the certificates displayed.

A table display of senior student resumes was provided by the Personal Finance Class given by Andrea Fanning. The class has been working on resumes and cover letters.

Mrs. Larson’s Creative Writing class has been working on writing their own novel and displayed work that prepared them for this undertaking. November is National Novel Writing month.

Mrs. Larson’s Yearbook class displayed photographs. They have learned how to take pictures with the Canon OES cameras so they can create the 23-24 yearbook. The Yearbook class is comprised of all new students this year.

Mrs. Larson’s Advanced Placement (AP) Literature class wrote a bio-poem of their choice of themes, creating a personified poem. The literary work “The Giver” was the basis of the project. This course is a college level course for seniors.

A table display from the Middle School and High School Shop classes instructed by Rob Cotten showed jack-o-lanterns created from empty freon cannisters, repurposed horse shoes used to create sunflowers, blue bird houses, prop boxes, and golf ball figits.

Visitors spent close to 45 minutes in the showcase enjoying refreshments and music prior to moving into the gymnasium for the concert. Anne Lyon was the accompanist for the concert. The High School Choir opened the show with a beautiful rendition of Coming Home by Jay Althouse. Band member Sophia May performed a solo, Renaissance Festival by Tylman Susato (1500-1561).

The Middle School music class sang two songs. The first was a Phillippine children’s song, Bahay Kubo which was followed by a lullaby sung in Lakota, Amu Amu Amu.

The High School Band performed two original compositions and two songs. Band student Pita Ainslie composed and performed with the band Pita’s Composition.  Band student Jlene Ainslie composed and performed with the band Jolene’s Composition.

The High School Band was joined by Middle School Principal Mikaela O’Bryan and Grade School Music teacher Jill Bolzer as they performed Ayre from Glocester; The Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley by Hugh M. Stuart.

The performance ended on a rousing rendition of the Fanfare For The Common Man by Aaron Copland.

The showcase and music concert was a hit with the friends and families that attended. The students earned a well deserved round of applause at the conclusion of the event.

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