Election 2012 results

In a high voter turnout nationwide, in the mid 70 percent in many areas, South Dakota had a 69.64 percent turnout and Bennett County had a 64.92 percent voter turnout in the Nov. 6 General Election. That is down slightly from the past two presidential elections.

In Bennett County 1229 voters took to the polls of the 1893 registered voters. 

Neighboring counties turnout percentages: Jackson 65.63; Mellette 64.82; Shannon 40.92; Todd 50.28; Pennington 69.82; Tripp 71.51.

Jones County had the highest voter turnout in South Dakota with 82.93 percent and Haakon was close with 80.52 percent.

In the Oglala Sioux Tribal election, unofficial results show challenger Brian Brewer leading John Yellow Bird Steele by 138 votes with about 300 challenge votes. Charlie Cummings is shown with 176 to 173 votes for Donn Fire Thunder in the LaCreek District race for Tribal Council.

Unofficial votes:


Bryan Brewer 2,266  |  John Yellow Bird Steele 2,128 (just under 300 challenges)


Vice President

Tom Poor Bear 2,461  |  William Shorty Brewer 1,927


Pine Ridge District

Irv Provost 408, Robin Tapio 378, Larry Eagle Bull 374, Ella John Carlow 359, Lyle Jack 356 and Gerald Big Crow 327 (between 60-80 challenges)


Wounded Knee District

Garfield Steele 231, Kevin Yellow Bird Steele 200, Paul Pawnee Leggings 190, Glen Gibbons 164 and Garfield Apple 114 (26 challenges)


LaCreek District

Charlie Cummings 176, Donn Fire Thunder 173 (8 challenges)


Wakpamni District

Jacqueline Rowland-Siers 315, Dan Rodriguez 303, Debbie Blue Bird 254 and Tom Conroy 223 (41 challenges)


Porcupine District

Scott Weston 235, Dani LeBeau 190, Beverly Tuttle 188 and Pat Ross 185

(40 challenges)


Medicine Root District

Stanley Little White Man 310 and Austin Watkins Sr. 238 (34 challenges)


Oglala District

Barbara Dull Knife 257, Paul Little 243, Martha Two Bulls 209 and Valerie Janis 199 (35 challenges)


Pass Creek District

James Cross 190, Lydia Bear Killer 171, Ron Duke 168 and Joseph Reddest 87

(7 challenges)

 Eagle Nest District

Jim Meeks 171, Ruth Brown 163, Larry Romero 147 and Floyd Wilcox 122

(32 challenges)


To see the complete statewide election results, including Bennett County, you can go to the web site: http://electionresults.sd.gov/default.aspx

Local winners:
Bennett County Treasurer
Donovan re-elected
Jolene Donovan    726
Liz Little Eagle    252
Marci Kratovil        229

Bennett County Commissioner:
Cummings and Bond are re-elected
Newton Cummings    854
Wayne Bond        597
Robert Ceplecha    269

State Representative Dist. 27

Killer and May elected

Kevin Killer   3685

Liz May  2979

Kathleen Ann  1534


State Senate Dist. 27

Jim Bradford re-elected


For President of the United States, Obama is re-elected

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