Good Voice Elk, Abel

Abel George Good Voice Elk, 51, of Oglala, S.D., passed away June 7, 2018, in Pine Ridge.

Abel George Good Voice Elk was born on February 9, 1967, in Pine Ridge, to Frank Good Voice Elk, Jr. and Mary Rose Iron Teeth. Abel made his journey to the Spirit World on June 7, 2018, at the I.H.S. Hospital in Pine Ridge.

Abel is survived by his son, Joseph Flood; 5five brothers, Roderick Iron Teeth, Terrance Good Voice Elk, Frederick Good Voice Elk, Byron Good Voice Elk and Kenneth Paul Standing Soldier; two sisters, Jackie and Serina Good Voice Elk; significant other, Lois Slow Bear; sister-in-law, Elaine Good Voice Elk; nieces, Sara Good Voice Elk, Cicely Sutton and Natasha Good Voice Elk; granddaughter, Iris Rose Good Voice Elk; aunts, Georgeanna Shot, Matilda Red Shirt, Linda Pedergon, Theodora Iron Teeth, Sterlene Sitting Hawk, and Elizabeth Good Voice Elk-Morrison; uncles, Talbert Fast Horse, Daryl Fast Horse, Orland Big Owl and Walter Little Moon; cousins, Stan, Billy, and Grace Good Voice Elk, Nancy White Eyes, Cynthia Antelope and Susanna Sutton; and numerous nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Abel was preceded in death by his parents, Frank Good Voice Elk, Jr. and Mary Rose Iron Teeth.

A one night wake service will begin at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 13, at the Messiah Episcopal Church in Wounded Knee.

Funeral services will be at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, June 14, at the Messiah Episcopal Church in Wounded Knee, with Reverend Harold Eagle Bull officiating.

Burial services will be held at the Little Moon Family Cemetery, Wounded Knee.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge.

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