Myrna Lou Young Bear Obit

Myrna Lou Young Bear was born August 6, 1947, in Pine Ridge, S.D., to Hobert and Effie (Big Owl) White Face. Myrna, 72, of Porcupine, made her journey to the Spirit World on January 12, 2020, at the Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City.

Myrna is survived by her daughter, Pam Lovejoy; grandchildren, Ted Lovejoy, Clyde Parker, Julie Parker, and Mikka Kube; brothers, Sam (Patty) White Face, Sr. & Family, Tim White Face & Family, and James White Face; sisters, Vina (Eldon) Steele & Family, Clara (Vince) Whipple, Lillian Good Shield, and Mary Young Bear; nephews, Eldon Steele, Jr., Darwin Steele, Greeley White Face, Diggo White Face, Dio White Face, Justin White Face, Douglas White Face, Sam White Face, Jr., Jeremy White Face, Orville Poor Bear, Sam White Face, Jr., Tyler White Face, Lawrence Young Bear, Jr., and Jarod White Face; nieces, Eldeen & Adrian Yellow Boy, Cindy Minkler, Colleen Ozuya, Lisa & Kristy Young Bear, Gailene Good Shield, Betty & Pat Little, Cathy (Sheldon) Two Crow, Waysha White Face, Angel White Face, Tashina White Face, Melanie & Ginger White Face, Lori & Lester Running Hawk, Angel White Face, Prairie Rose White Face, Shyra White Face, & Bessie; grandchildren, Arianna & Clayton Steele, Isaiah Steele, Caitlin Rencountre, Jordan Ozuya, Anpo Young Bear, Tyrell Jumping Eagle, and Donald Kills Warrior, Jr.; great grandchildren, Suzanna and Espee Sitting Bear, Nathan Waldo Elk III, Doris Elk; and numerous hunka children.

Myrna was preceded in death by her parents, Hobert & Effie (Big Owl) White Face; daughter, Rachel Sloat; brothers, Tilden White Face, Howard White Face, Greely Reuben White Face, Greely Hobert White Face, Greely Tilden White Face, and Billy White Face; sisters, Trivean Scout, Amy Kay Plenty Bulls, and Etheleen White Face; and grandson, Vernon Lovejoy.

Honorary pallbearers will be Manuel Old Lodge, Orland Big Owl, David Lays Bad, Cheryl Theisz, Betty Goings, Ruby Weston, Lorraine White Face, Alberta Horse, Bill Quijas, Elmer White Face, Bernard White Face, Bonnie Clairmont, Ann Weston, Rhonda Two Eagles, Mary Felicia, Mary Iron Cloud, Zona & Charity White Face, Thurmond & Malcolm Horse, David Pourier, Phillip and Violet Good Crow, Theresa Fisher, Noah and Curtis Horse, Georgia Tail & Family, Karen Red Elk, Eli Tail & Family, Michael Little Boy & Family, Alton Mousseaux & Family, Florida Jealous & Family, Eileen Iron Cloud, Germaine Big Owl, Yellow Cloud Families, Bernadine Shoulder Blade & Family, Radding Lays Bad & Family, Kate Theisz, Eric Theisz, Kris Theisz, Osa Moody, Ned, Lisa Nelson, Syd Samuels, Lesssert Moore, Tammy Moore, Henny Whalen, Betty Janis, Joann Tall, Ella Wilson, Annabelle Weston, Paul Childress, Roger Bissonette & Family, Spider Families, Richards Families, Jealous of Him Families, O.S.T. Ambulance Service, R.C.R.H. Cancer Research, Dialysis Program, The Guardians, and All Friends & Relatives.

Pallbearers will be Darvis Weston, Ohitika Elk, Clayton Steele, Eldon Steele, Jr., Donald Kills Warrior, Jr. and Douglas White Face.

Wake Services: Two night wake service starting at 11:30 AM, Saturday, January 18, 2020 at the Porcupine School Gymnasium in Porcupine, SD

Funeral Services: 1:00 PM, Monday, January 20, 2020 at the Porcupine School Gymnasium in Porcupine, SD

Officiating: Pastor David Samuel White Face, Sr. and Pastor David Lays Bad

Burial Services: Young Bear Family Cemetery, Porcupine, SDArrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •