Sharon Linda Two Crow

Sharon Linda (Has No Horse) Two Crow “Te’hilapi Win,” 74, of Wakpamni Lake, S.D., passed away July 19, 2020, in Rapid City.

Sharon was born June 1, 1946, to the late Dawson Has No Horse, Sr. and Emily (Feather On Head) Has No Horse of Wakpamni Lake Community, Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation. Sharon made her journey to the Spirit World on July 19, 2020, in Rapid City.

Sharon is survived by her husband, Robert Two Crow; and their children, Elgin (Sherry) Head, Regina (Dave) Big Crow, Donovan (Ann) Has No Horse, and Delane (Faye) Has No Horse; eight grandchildren; and numerous great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Sharon was preceded in death by her parents; her two brothers, Donroy and Dawson Has No Horse, Jr.; maternal aunts from the Feather On Head side of the family; Sara Two Lance, Lydia Little Whiteman, Amelia Yellow Thunder, Carrie Conquering Bear and Wilson Running Shield; and her maternal and paternal grandparents.

A two night wake service started at 4:00 p.m., Saturday, July 25, at the Two Crow Residence at the Wakpamni Lake Community.

Funeral services were held at 1:00 p.m., Monday, July 27, at the Two Crow Residence at the Wakpamni Lake Community, with Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating and Mr. Richard Broken Nose performing the traditional Lakota services.

Burial services were held at the Feather On Head Family Plot in Wakpamni Lake.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge.

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