Marie S. Lange

Marie S. Lange, 72, was born on November 6, 1948 and passed away on December 7, 2020 to COVID-19 following heart failure. She was born in Pine Ridge, S.D. to 9th Tribal President Harry Conroy and Hazle Bear Killer Conroy. She grew up in Martin, S.D. and attended St. Mary’s Episcopal High School. Surviving heart-surgery when she was very young and other tragedies turned her into a fighter.

During early adulthood, she lived in San Francisco where she met her husband. She spent most of her life in the place she loved most: The Black Hills. It was here she became an active voice for the indigenous community as a proud Lakota woman. From White Clay to Alcatraz she represented and fought for the Lakota people.

She loved traveling and fishing in the Black Hills with her late spouse Joe and grandchildren. Nothing gave her more joy than bringing to life our precious cultural knowledge for friends or strangers. She had developed an international renown for her tours through the Black Hills with her taxi and tour company Anpetu.

Marie was preceded in death by her spouse Joe Briones; sisters Colleen Conroy and Virginia; daughter Lisa Rogers; grandson Jeff Jerred Jr.; and granddaughters Kristan Jerred and Natasha Lange. Those surviving her are her sister Jean Hammond; daughters Theresa Lange and Harriet Lange; granddaughter Sarah Conroy; grandson John Jerred; and four great-grandchildren.

Due to social distancing we will be holding a virtual service and memorial Monday, December 21 at 7 p.m. An in-person service to be held at a safer time.

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