Bennett County Middle School track results from Chadron Invitational

By Coach Gary Alexander

Our middle school students did great in Chadron on Saturday, April 6. We had one of the smallest teams in attendance, but our Warriors claimed several ribbons. Coach Smokov and myself were very proud of how our athletes behaved, competed, and supported one another. They showed true Warrior Pride all day long. As coaches, we were left with little to do other than coaching. It was a great day. All 6th grade students competed as 7th graders at this meet. Here are the unofficial results collected by our outstanding managers: Hannah York and Talia Hahn. Final results are also posted on when they become available.

8th Grade Boys

Lonnie Escamilla

100m: 17.3

200m: 36.81

Shot: 34’3” 

Disc: 94’7”

7th Grade Boys

Adam Byrne

400m: 1:09.30

Long Jump: 13’2.5”

Dante Rascher

100m: 15.5

Long Jump: 11’1.5” 

Shot: 16’

6th Grade Boys

Neil Hicks

100m: 16.5

200m: 39.7

Wyatt Huber

400m: 1:24.7

800m: 3:18.43

1600m: 6:58

Gavin Risse

400m: 1:18.10

800m: 3:12.6

4x100m Relay: 

1:08, 6th Place

Adam Byrne, Dante Racher, Neil Hicks, and Gavin Risse

4x400m Relay: 


Adam Byrne, Wyatt Huber, Neil Hicks, and Gavin Risse

8th Grade Girls

Taylor Byerley

400m: 1:06, 3rd Place 

800m: 3:36, 2nd Place

1600m: 5:45.65, 1st Place

High Jump: 4’6”, 2nd Place

Ellen McDonnell

100m: 17.07 

Shot: 17’8”

Disc: 47’02”

Hannah Risse

100m: 14.7, 5th Place 

200m: 30.58, 4th Place 

Long Jump: 11’8.5” 

Triple Jump: 27’8”, 3rd Place

Leaha Pauly

100m: 14.43, 4th Place

200m: 31.06, 5th Place 

400m: 1:13, 6th Place

7th Grade Girls

Taytlin Dillon

200m: 37.91

Shot: 18’9” 

Disc: 49’7”

Sara Fuchs

100m: 16.9

Disc: 50’5”

Tegyn Kolb

800m: 2:59.07, 6th Place

1600m: 6.20.56, 5th Place

6th Grade Girls

Olivia Lyon

100m: 16.23

Shot: 22’.75”, 5th Place

Sophia May

Shot: 21’6.5”

Disc: 66’, 4th Place

Thomiah Poor Bear

200m: 33.16

400m: 1:15.23 

Long Jump: 10’8”

Layla Robinson

100m: 16.36

200m: 34.57

Ally Salomon

400m: 1:17.8

800m: 3:04.79

4x100m Relay: 


Layla Robinson, Sara Fuchs, Olivia Lyon, Sophia May

4x400m Relay: 

5:28.28, 4th Place

Tegyn Kolb, Thomiah Poor Bear, Layla Robinson, and Ally Salomon

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