Cross country team competes at St. Francis

Submitted by Coach Rod Anderson

The Bennett County Cross Country team traveled to St. Francis on Tuesday, October 8, to compete against ten other teams.

Girls varsity ran a 4K and had 27 runners.

Taylor Byerly 18:35 4th

Kaitlyn DuBray 22:51 20th

Tegyn Kolb 26:18 27th

Girls junior varsity ran a 5K and had 11 runners.

Ayoluwa Kennedy 32:39 8th

Christina Plenty Wounds (inj.) 44:07 11th

Junior high girls ran a 2K and had 21 runners.

Tatyum Banks 10:48 4th

Girls Runner of the Week is Tatyum Banks.

Boys varsity ran a 5K and had 41 runners.

Bob Poor Bear 21:36 21st

Mauricio Curry 21:49 22nd

Frank Huber 22:02 26th

Jared Harris 22:38 30th

Kody Cummings 23:14 34th

Alex Little Whiteman (inj.) 24:72 37th

Boys junior varsity ran a 5K and had 37 runners.

Braden Louden 24:10 13th

Demetri Whirlwind Horse 26:14 18th

LeBryant Long Wolf 27:40 23rd

Boys junior high ran a 2K and had 39 runners.

Tyce Gropper 8:46 1st

Wyatt Huber 9:03 2nd

Gavin Risse 9:48 7th

Ethan Banks 10:46 12th

Ethan Harris 11:28 14th

Jordon Risse 11:48 15th

Boys Runner of the Week is Tyce Gropper.

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