Lady Warriors save best for last, still fall to outstanding Thorpe team

By Coach Cindy Knecht

District 14A Volleyball kicked off Tuesday, October 30, in Martin as the number two seed Warriors toppled the third seeded Little Wound Mustangs 25-16, 25-14, 25-8 in semi-final competition. 

Bennett County’s game plan was to be dominant but conserve energy for the championship. Last year, I think we overlooked Little Wound and ended up going five sets. We were pretty tiered for the next match. We didn’t want that to happen again. The Ladies were able to get a good lead and we put some subs in to help keep our legs fresh. 

Taylor Kratovil was 3/3 setting, 11/11 serving with 3 aces, 16/17 hitting with 9 kills, 1/1 receiving, had 2 digs and one solo block. Megan Slattery was 3/3 setting with one kill assist, 10/10 serving with 5 aces, 1/2 hitting with one kill, 16/18 receiving and had 7 digs. Lexie Amiotte was 5/5 setting with 2 kill assists and 3/3 hitting with one kill. Maria Risse was 33/33 setting with 13 kill assists, 18/19 serving with 5 aces, 2/3 hitting and had 5 digs. Tania Risse was 4/4 setting, 13/14 serving with 3 aces, 15/17 hitting with 6 kills, 8/8 receiving and had 6 digs. Tamee Livermont was 16/16 setting with 6 kill assists, 2/4 serving, 4/4 hitting with 2 kills, 1/1 receiving and had 3 digs. Bobbi Standing Soldier was 10/10 setting with 3 kill assists, 5/5 hitting with 2 kills and had 2 digs. Carli Winter was 5/7 serving with one ace, 6/10 hitting with one kill and 1/1 receiving. Rachel Winters was 1/1 setting with one kill assist, 4/4 serving, 7/8 hitting with 3 kills and had 2 digs. Roseanna Hammock was 4/5 hitting with one kill. Lindsay Johnson was 3/3 setting with one kill assist, 3/3 hitting with one kill and had 4 digs. Kimmy Scherer was 2/2 setting with 2 kill assists and 1/1 serving. Haley Peil was 4/4 setting, 9/9 hitting with 2 kills and had one solo block.

For the District Championship, the Ladies took on number one seeded Pine Ridge. 

We knew we had to bring our best game for the nearly undefeated Thorpes. And what a game it was! I was not worried about their hitters – Tania and Megan can dig just about any hit; it was the tips that made me nervous. 

Every one of the Thorpes could put a tip in those hard to reach places, and just a few of those can eat up a defense – make the diggers second-guess where to go. 

The Warriors lost the first two sets 16-25, 20-25, but they didn’t give up. Bennett County won the third set 29-27. 

We stood our ground and defended the net well all night.The blocker put down 14 stuff blocks in the match. That turned some momentum for us a few times. 

In the fourth set, Taylor and Tania just started hitting straight down in the middle of six Pine Ridge players. It was just awesome. The Warriors won the fourth match, 25-20. In the fifth, the Thorpes started putting those mean little tips right behind our blockers and it flustered our defense. I told the girls “Just do your best, play your game, and who ever has the most points in the end deserves to win.” 

We lost the last set 11-15. I am so proud of the way our girls played, both teams actually. Even the referees said it was probably the best match they had seen all year. Thank you to all the fans in attendance, the gym was so loud, it was great.

Taylor was 9/9 setting, 13/13 serving with one ace, 61/68 hitting with 24 kills, had 17 digs, one solo and 4 assisted blocks. Megan was 12/12 setting with one kill assist, 19/21 serving with 4 aces, 14/15 hitting with 3 kills, 51/53 receiving and had 29 digs. Lexie was 13/13 setting with 5 kill assists, 11/11 hitting with 3 kills, had 6 digs and one assisted block. Maria was 74/75 setting with 21 kill assists, 12/13 serving with one ace, 4/4 hitting, 2/2 receiving and had 5 digs. Tania was 6/6 setting, 16/17 serving with one ace, 74/81 hitting with 16 kills, 47/47 receiving and had 27 digs. Tamee was 42/45 setting with 10 kill assists, 16/18 serving, 4/4 hitting and had 17 digs. Bobbi was 30/30 setting with 6 kill assists, 15/16 hitting with one kill, had 5 digs and 3 assisted blocks. Carli was 3/3 setting, 1/3 hitting and had one solo block. Rachel was 14/14 setting with 2 kill assists, 9/10 serving with one ace, 16/18 hitting with 2 kills, 1/1 receiving, had 5 digs and 2 solo blocks. Roseanna was 4/4 setting, 1/1 hitting and 1/1 receiving. Lindsay Johnson was 2/2 setting and 1/1 serving. Kimmy was 2/2 setting. Haley was 7/9 setting with 2 kill assists, 17/24 hitting with 3 kills and had 2 assisted blocks.

The Lady Warriors ended their season with 17 wins, 14 losses.

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